Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Irma Clean-up

Our hearts and prayers are for all the people who have been affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. While we have received some significant damage to the golf course, nobody was hurt and our damage will be relatively easy to clean-up.  We spent the better part of Tuesday, helping the HOA remove trees on the roads in Highlands Falls while also clearing paths on many member's driveways so that they could get in and out of their homes.
Falls Drive West along #19.

Falls Drive West.

Outside the maintenance building.
All of the damage to the golf course was caused by high winds from hurricane Irma.  While the eye did not pass near us, we still received gusts of 50 mph for over an 18 hour period.  This caused a significant amount of limbs and other debris to cover the course, all of which will need to be picked up by hand.  Additionally, a large number of trees have fallen throughout the course, but mainly on the front nine.
Along #1 fairway.

Along #8 fairway.

Potential catastrophe.  This tree knocked the 1000 gal propane tank over at the maintenance facility.
The clean-up will take some time but we will get the course open as soon as possible.  Please be aware that we will be leaving many of the stumps from the fallen trees in place for now.  We will remove these during the off-season.  Piles of limbs and debris will be stationed on several holes in the rough to be chipped into the woods.
Another tree on #8.

Along #5.