Monday, September 25, 2017

"Australian" Bunker Raking

It has been a full season now with the bunkers being raked in the "Australian method".  This method consists of a smooth and firm 2-3 foot edge inside the bunker with the floor being raked regularly.  It has a lot of advantages over raking the entire bunker including play-ability and maintenance costs.
A 2-3 foot ring of smooth sand rings the inside of the bunker.
On the play-ability side, it nearly eliminates the fried egg lies on the high sides of the bunkers.  Since the high sides are left firm and smooth, the ball more often than not rolls down to the floor of the bunker.  This has allowed players to have a better shot out of the bunker and it speeds up play.

On the maintenance side, less people are needed to maintain the bunkers throughout the season. This has allowed us to reallocate that labor to other areas of the golf course. The method also maintains the visual appearance of the high faced bunkers while also making it easier to physically maintain.
Balls roll down the high side of the bunker face.
The "Australian method" for raking bunkers has been one of those changes to our maintenance regimen that has been a win-win for golfers and the bottom line.