Monday, January 22, 2018

Winter Update 1-22-18

     I hope everyone is doing well.  Just a quick update as to where we are with our projects and operations.  First, we are doing a considerable amount of tree removal and underbrush trimming.  The nature of the tree removal has been to remove trees that are either decayed and dying or because they inhibit turf growth due to excessive shade.  We have spent a considerable amount of time on holes 2-6 trimming and removing plant material because so many trees and rhododendrons had encroached the playing area.  We still have a lot more to do in these areas such as chipping and removing the stumps and hauling them away.
A considerable amount of trees have been removed from the sides of hole #4 as they were encroaching on the playing area.
     In addition to the trimming, I had a contractor come in to remove excessive silt buildup in the lake on #2 and in the lake on #10 near the dam.  That material will be used on the forward tees.  Speaking of the forward tees, we have not progressed much further than from my last report.  The contractor has been busy with the croquet project and has been slowed somewhat by the weather and a steady supply of dirt.  However, I have scheduled for another vendor to supply us with dirt for the tees and our contractor is going to bring in more people to do the tees while also doing the croquet project.
A view from the new gold tee on #5
     When the weather has been too cold for us to work outside, we have been busy painting the inside of the break room, making some minor upgrades to our kitchen, refurbishing equipment, and reconditioning the wood signs and benches.
A major focus of our winter work schedule includes preparing the equipment for the upcoming season.