Monday, November 30, 2015

Culvert Replacement #12

Finally, with one week of dry weather, we have been able to complete the replacement of the large culvert under #12 fairway.  While the replacement went relatively smooth, it was not without some issues.
Digging across #12 fairway.

Digging to bedrock.
Some irrigation will need to be rerouted.

The first issue was a previously unknown sewer junction and manhole that was found in the middle of the fairway.  After much research and discussion with the HOA, it was determined that this junction box was put in when the development was built and was never used.  As a result, we filled it in and covered it up.
Manhole and sewer junction in #12 fairway.

Installing a 30 inch drain culvert.

The other issue that came up was that the new pipe had an outside diameter about 8 inches larger than the old pipe.  With the pipe sitting on bedrock in a few locations, the new pipe sat at or near the surface.  To alleviate this problem, we will be adding addition fill dirt to those locations so that we get at least 10 inches of cover over the new pipe.
The new pipe was installed next to the old pipe so that water could continue flowing.
Covering the new pipe.

With this pipe now replaced, we will start replacing a second pipe on this hole as soon as the weather cooperates.  If you guessed, its raining right now.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Course Update 11-23-15

The start of the off-season has been a wet one since the Club closed, as it has rained every week since.  However, we have been able to accomplish a lot what we expected to do during this time.

The landscape improvements at the Tennis/Swim facility is going as planned.  The old crossties have been removed and the new stone wall is well under way.  With good weather, the stone wall should be done in about 3 weeks.  After the wall is done, we will be adding irrigation followed by plant material.

Crosstie wall at the tennis facility.

New stone wall the tennis facility.

The installation of new irrigation heads around the greens has been completed.  A total of 177 sprinklers were replaced in 8 days.
Wiring new sprinkler heads.

Proper installation requires a large hole.

Completed install.

In addition to aerifying greens, we also injected sand into the root zone by way of a DryJect machine.  This process helps to reduce organic matter and also firm up the greens.
DryJect machine.

DryJect machine requires a continuous amount of dry sand.

Perfect sand injection.
Due to the rain, we have been unable to proceed with drainage work.  As a result, we have focused on a project that we can do at this time and that is leveling several tees.  As I am writing, our staff is busy finishing leveling the white tee on #3 and will then go to the brown tee on #12.
Leveling #3 white tee.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ireland Update and Blog Info

I would like to thank everyone who has asked how my Ireland trip went.  The truth is, it was amazing!  The golf courses were outstanding and the weather was uncharacteristically sunny.  During the whole week, we had not one single day of rain which I learned was not the norm.


Fellow Superintendents

The Island Golf Club
On top of playing great golf, I was very fortunate to meet about 20 fellow golf course superintendents and industry representatives from throughout the country.  The opportunity to network and create lasting friendships will forever make me a better superintendent and a better person.  Lynn and I are forever grateful to TurfNet, Syngenta, and the members of HFCC for giving us this great opportunity.

Lynn & I at Royal County Down

The Ladies Club at Royal County Down
Enjoying traditional Irish music

The streets of Carlingford
As I stated in last month’s newsletter, we have a lot of other projects other than #12 that we will be doing in the off-season.  In an effort to keep everyone up to date with what is going on while you are away, you can go to my golf course maintenance blog at .  I always include a lot of pictures and a short description as to what we are doing.  In addition to my updates, the blog has links to the G&G chairman and my email, our course weather station so that you can see what the weather is doing at the club, and the webcam for the croquet courts.

HFCC maintenance blog
In an effort to make information on the golf course easier for you to receive, I have added a feature to the blog that will automatically send you an email when I write an update.  On the right side of the blog add your email to the box and every update of the blog will be emailed to you.  You won't have to remember the website anymore.

Landscape improvements at the swim and tennis facility
Removing sand from #12 fairway bunker