Monday, January 28, 2019

Safety First

 I sometimes forget that not every workplace puts safety first for their employees.  The training can be time consuming and supplies can get expensive.  However, the cost for not making safety a priority could be serious injuries or even worse.

  I was recently reminded why we put such an emphasis on safety.  As most know, our staff is working on a tree clearing program in anticipation of a golf course renovation.  This is an all staff on board project that has everyone involved with cutting and chipping trees.  Even with the best safety precautions in place, accidents can happen.  While cutting a tree, one of our staff members simply got tired and let his running chainsaw slip down to his side, striking his leg.  Fortunately, he incurred no injury because he was wearing chainsaw chaps.

These safety chaps saved one of our staff members from serious injury.  After any of the chaps gets a tear or rip, they are discarded as their safety ability is diminished.

  Nobody on our staff is permitted to operate a chainsaw without wearing safety chaps, hearing protection, and eye protection.  Additionally, nobody is allowed to operate a saw by themselves, they must always have a partner just in case.  The entire staff is required to watch safety videos on a regular basis.

Fully equipped with safety gear.

  Some workplaces may think this is a little excessive, I personally think its just a starting point and an investment worth while.  Total cost for each employee to be safely trained and equipped for operating a chainsaw; safety training via video - $40, chainsaw chaps - $40, eye protection - $10, hearing protection - $20, gloves - $10, bump cap - $20.  Total cost = $140 per employee.  Total cost for an employee who is safety minded - PRICELESS.