Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Week In Pictures

From rain, to sun, to snow, we have seen every form of weather this winter.  I previously reported how it rained during most of the month in February.  With just two and a half months into the year, I believe we had about 30" of rain.  This week, we are down to 19 degrees and snowing!  It is winter though and the crew has been tremendous and are making headway on all of our winter projects.  Amazing how much coffee and donuts will motivate a person.  Here is a brief pictorial of what we have been working on.

Installing drainage behind #4 green.

Ditch cleaning along #3.

Wet weather springs have popped up throughout the course.

This past Monday on the croquet court.
Wednesday on the croquet court.

Clearing the rhodos at the driving range entrance.

Donuts and coffee keep everyone happy.
Work on all the equipment continues in preparation for the season.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

HFCC Hosts "Evil Weevil" Seminar

It's called the "Evil Weevil" and as I have communicated in the past, the Annual Bluegrass Weevil has become a major pest for a lot of courses in western NC, including ours.  Fortunately for our industry, Syngenta and North Carolina State University have done a lot of research to help superintendents effectively combat this pest.  As part of their efforts, Syngenta hosted an educational seminar on ABW here at Highlands Falls.

Annual Bluegrass Weevil - "Evil Weevil"
About 30 superintendents and industry professionals attended the 2 hour seminar on March 7th.  Dr. Terri Billeisen from NC State presented her research from area courses and on how ABW behaves differently in the mountain regions of western NC as compared other areas of the US where it is also a major pest.  Dr. Lane Tredway from Syngenta, presented several different control methods that research showed to be the most effective for our area.

Dr. Lane Tredway & Dr. Terri Billeisen
Dr. Billeisen making her presentation.
A big thanks to Syngenta for providing this first class educational seminar on a topic that is of the utmost concern to area superintendents.  Also, thank you to the researchers at NC State who are taking the time to learn more about this pest.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Rain and a Great Staff!

During the month of February there were only 5 days during the work week that it did not rain.  That has left the ground saturated and our construction projects are at a standstill.  To top it off, March has started off, you guessed it, raining.  However, there is a bright spot, we have a GREAT staff!
Digging up tree stumps.

Working in the mud.

We are even mowing in the rain.

Even with all of the rain, our staff has enthusiastically gone out and worked.  From hand digging drainage ditches, removing trees and stumps, trimming landscape plants, cleaning beds, chipping limbs, to laying sod, the entire staff has worked in some miserable conditions this winter.  Despite the less than desirable conditions, we continue to make progress on all of our winter maintenance. 

Hand cleaning drainage ditches.

Sasha is all smiles in the rain.

Willie and Hal trimming bushes and cleaning landscape beds.
Everyone has banded together, made the most of the situation and shown just how special each of them are to our team.  I have no doubt that with this GREAT staff, the 2018 season will be one of the most successful for Highlands Falls.