Friday, August 1, 2014


  Many of you may have noticed brown spots in the fairways and the rough.  These brown areas are dying kyllinga.  Kyllinga is a very invasive weed that is part of the sedge family and until a few years ago, was extremely difficult to remove.  With today's herbicide technology, kyllinga is not that hard to get rid of, however the herbicides do discolor the turf.   While the discolored turf is a bit unsightly, it is short lived and the turf regains its color after a week.  Unfortunately there is no way around the discoloration. 
Kyllinga in a fairway
  Kyllinga is not an easy weed to spot because it looks similar to many other grasses, and allowed to grow, will spread throughout the course including fairways, tees, and even greens.  Since kyllinga thrives in wet conditions, this seasons wet weather has made this weed more problematic.
Kyllinga up close