Monday, September 14, 2015

Slit Seeding the Rough

During the past couple of weeks our staff has been overseeding the rough with improved varieties of turfgrass. Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil. It's an effective way to fill in bare spots, improve the density of turf, and establish improved grass varieties.

Overseeding newer turfgrass varieties into the rough can help it better withstand insects, disease, drought, shady conditions, and heavy traffic. The investment in overseeding pays off by reducing the amount of fertilizer, water, and pesticides required. Additionally, the new varieties of turfgrass offer better playability along with improved aesthetics and plant health. 
Seeding with the Turfco TriWave
The method that we use to overseed is 'slit-seeding' with a mechanical seeder. This is the best method for overseeding established turf. Slit-seeders have verticutting blades that cut through the thatch layer and open up a slit or miniature furrow. While there is some disturbance to the existing turf, it is minimal and the benefits far out weigh the alternative of doing nothing at all. The seeder drops seed into the slit to ensure the seed gets into the soil where it can germinate. More seed-to-soil contact means a higher germination rate and a better stand of new grass.

In the Highlands area, late summer or early fall is the best time to overseed as soil and atmospheric temperatures are most favorable for optimum seed germination and growth. With adequate moisture, fertilizer and sunlight, the new seedlings will be well established before the cooler fall weather sets in. 

Germination after 1.5 weeks
Germination after 2.5 weeks
Germination after 3 weeks
We appreciate your patience while we work to improve the course and as always, thank you for your continued support. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Davis "Bodell" Wilson Receives Scholarship

One of the great joys in my job is recommending a deserving staff member for the Highlands Falls Country Club Employee Scholarship Program.  This year I was fortunate to nominate Davis Wilson for this prestigious award.

Davis has been with HFCC for about 9 months and has proven to be a dedicated and loyal employee with a very positive attitude.  He starts the day with a smile and ends the day with a smile, no matter how challenging the day might be.  He has proven to be a quick study in course maintenance and has earned the respect of the entire staff for his hard work and honest character.  For these reasons and more, the scholarship committee has awarded Davis $500 for his continuing education.
Davis receiving his scholarship check from General Manager, Jason Macaulay
In October, Davis will be embarking on an intensive Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course with a specialization in wilderness medical training.  Davis hopes to use this training to become a world-class wilderness guide.

Davis "Bodell" Wilson
We all wish Davis the very best and know that he will be very successful.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Diverse Staff at HFCC

The quality of the golf course and maintenance operations are the highest priority to the maintenance staff at HFCC. To achieve and maintain top conditions takes a lot of hard work and forward thinking by everyone on the staff. And what a staff we have!
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent Josh Cantrell has been with HFCC for almost 7 years.
Our crew comes from all over the country and throughout the world. We have staff members from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Mexico, and even Vietnam.
The staff perform a variety of jobs throughout the week.
Managing such a diverse work force has its challenges, but the rewards far outweigh those challenges. One of the biggest advantages has been a broader range of perspectives and solutions to various issues. I am continually amazed at how each employee looks at a situation, and through their own distinct cultural experiences, will make a unique suggestion that ultimately help us make
better decisions.
Always popular - hand raking bunkers.
Our staff is also very well educated. In addition to our management staff, who are all college graduates, all of our Vietnamese staff are in the process of acquiring various degrees in agriculture from Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture. As part of their work visa and continuing education here in the U.S. we are helping them learn more about turf management and agriculture. This visa program has been a huge success to our maintenance operations and I look forward to using it again in the future.
Hand watering is always necessary throughout the course.
Highlands Falls Country Club is a unique and exceptional place, due in part, to its unique and exceptional staff. We are all proud to serve the membership and look forward to many more successful years at Highlands Falls.