Monday, January 16, 2017

Just a Little Trim......

One of the more intensive projects we are working on this winter is giving the course a bit of trim around the edges.  To be more specific, a good trim of the rhododendrons.  Over time, the rhododendron have grown quite large and blocked both sunlight for the turf and the visual aesthetics of the course.
The view to the 15th hole had been partially obstructed by overgrown rhododendrons.

This type of pruning is all hand work.

Debris pile which will later be chipped and used for mulch.

Since most of the holes are bordered by rhodos, this is a major undertaking with some holes taking over one week to complete.  While some of the plants will look bare at the beginning of the season, they are usually very quick to leaf out and fill in.  This is general maintenance that has been deferred over several years and is long overdue.  However, like a good trim, the course will look more elegant and refined when we finish.

More hand pruning.