Friday, November 7, 2014

HFCC Golf Course Staff Perform Community Service

Every year, the HFCC golf course maintenance staff performs a community service project aimed at helping the Highlands community.  This year our staff put its expertise to work at the Kelsey Hutchinson park.  Several large trees and many smaller ones needed removed from the park so that an old building on the property could be removed to make way for additional green space.  Park Founder chairman Nick Bazon was very thankful to all the members of Highlands Falls for donating the staff and equipment to get the work done.

In addition to removing the trees, the staff also cut and split the wood for the Emergency Council of Highlands.  The firewood will be given to needy families for heating in the winter.
Splitting firewood
Removing a fallen tree
Cutting a tree with the help of our loader
Site plans for the Kelsey Hutchinson Park