Monday, August 27, 2018

HFCC Honey Harvest

In between battling the elements and preparing the course for play, we made time to harvest honey from our collection of 6 hives.  I have been told that this was not a particularly good honey year due to all the rain this season.  Even so, I am happy with the amount that we collected.  As soon as I have labels, the honey will be for sale in the golf shop.

First, we smoke the bees to calm them down.
Each frame is inspected for honey.  The best are removed for harvesting.
The wax capping must be punctured so that the honey can be released from the comb.
The frame is then put into an extractor where the honey slung out.
The honey goes from the extractor through a filter and into a food grade bucket.
Lastly, the honey is bottled.