Monday, April 11, 2016

Community Service

As good stewards of the community, we try to perform some type of community service every year. Sometimes we do large projects and sometimes smaller ones.  Through the years we have been asked to build dog houses, bird boxes, plant trees, and clear lots.  In the end, all these projects are important to someone and they improve the community as a whole.

Last week a former employee came to me and asked if we could help him out.  Thomas James who is an MP with the 210th Military Police Company of Franklin in the Army National Guard, needed sand bags filled for training purposes.  Unfortunately, his guard unit has nowhere to store or any need for sand and he was hoping that we could help.  Fortunately for him, sand is something we have a lot of.
Filling sand bags.
Stacking sand bags onto a pallet.
Thomas brought over 40 sand bags and our crew filled them in short order.  The sand bags are used for rifle qualifications and other training purposes.  Unbeknownst to me, the bags make a great rifle rest and target backdrop.
Thomas James and myself.
While this was a small project on our part, it was a huge benefit to the 210th and I feel honored that HFCC was asked to help out our local men and women in the armed forces.