Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Leveling Irrigation Heads

One of the major projects we have this winter is the leveling of irrigation heads throughout the golf course.  While this is not a flashy project, it is essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of the irrigation system, and with the recent drought, a high priority.
Irrigation head in need of leveling.
Irrigation head must be dug up being cautious of wires.
Irrigation heads are made to move in the soil.  This is so that the underlying pipe does not break when equipment runs over them and to allow for movement amid freeze-thaw events during the winter. Over time, the heads get out of level, get pushed too far into the soil, or the turf grows up around them causing them not to perform as originally intended.  As a result it is necessary to dig them up and level them.
Using a jig, the head is leveled to the surrounding surface.

After using this jig, the head will be fine tuned with a bubble level.
With over 600 irrigation heads to level, this is a time consuming project.  On average it takes about an hour and a half to level one head.  Each head needs to be dug up, raised, and leveled with special attention as to not cut wires or damage pipe.  During the process, new soil is added and compacted so that head will stay in the correct spot.  Lastly the sod is put back and carefully leveled.
Finished product.
While this is a time consuming project, it is one that will reap rewards for years to come.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tractor Renovation

As I have stated in the past, part of what we do in the winter is repairing and refurbishing equipment.  With the cost of golf course equipment regularly exceeding that of a luxury car, making our equipment last as long as possible is very crucial.  I feel that you as members should know what we do to protect that investment.
JD 5210 in season laying sod.
Currently, we are renovating our John Deere 5210 tractor.  This tractor has been a workhorse for us during the past 16 years and is now in need of attention.  Throughout the renovation process, we will be doing the following:

  • Replace engine and transmission seals
  • Replace the steering linkages
  • Replace the clutch
  • Replace several hydraulic lines
  • Have the dash gauges repaired 
  • Repaint the tractor and apply new decals
  • Add an accessory electrical box
  • Top it off with a new seat
JD 5210 during the renovation process.
This is a major undertaking as a large part of the tractor must be taken apart to achieve the results that we are aiming for.  The ultimate goal is to renovate the tractor to like new condition.  With continued care and maintenance this tractor should provide for the club for at least another 16 years.  Our last tractor lasted over 40!