Monday, April 24, 2017

More Bees for HFCC

While we are very busy preparing the course for the upcoming season, we have been equally busy preparing the apiary for its newest tenants.  This past weekend I picked up 4 new "Nucs" or nucleus hives from Blue Ridge Honey Company in Lakemont Georgia.  The "Nucs" consist of 5 frames of brood, a queen bee, and a lot of bees!  I installed all the "Nucs" into their permanent home off the 14th fairway on Saturday.
The white boxes are "Nucs" which contain 5 frames of bees.

Our first hive with a new hive next to it.
During the winter, our staff put together 3 new Langstroth hives which brings our total to 5 hives. While last year was a successful year with the bees, we did loose 1 hive at the end of the season due to an ineffective queen.  I am told that this is common and one of the main reasons that a hive fails. Now that we know what to look for, we can correct this before we have a failure in the future.
Danny Jones from Syngenta getting an up close look at our bees.

Cleaning old frames and preparing them for the new hives.
The bees have had a positive effect on the course and with our environmental outreach.  Additionally, the small amount of honey that we did produce last year was exceptional. With a little luck and a good season, we hope to have honey for sale by late summer.