Friday, March 10, 2017

Tractor Renovation Complete

As I had communicated in an earlier post, we were in the process of renovating our 16 year John Deere tractor.  I am happy to report that the tractor is now complete and in like new condition.  This was a fun project that our whole staff can be proud of as everyone worked on some part of the tractor.

JD 5210 before the renovation with cowlings removed.

JD 5210 after sanding and being readied for paint.

JD 5210 after the frame has been painted.

Throughout the renovation process we performed the following;
  • Replaced engine and transmission seals
  • Replaced the steering linkages
  • Replaced the clutch
  • Replaced several hydraulic lines
  • Installed a new dash and gauges
  • Repainted the tractor and applied new decals
  • Added an accessory electrical box
  • Added a comfort fan for the operator
  • Added additional lights
  • Installed new tires and rims
  • Topped it off with a new seat

JD 5210 completed with all new paint, decals, tires, etc.

Upgraded operator's station.

Equipment Manager - Aaron Brown and Mechanic - Eric Bolick after finishing the JD 5210

Improvements include accessory switches for lights, foamer, implements, and comfort fan.

It's important that we take care of the equipment we have and not only keep it in working condition but also maintain a presentable condition.  With this renovation, the tractor will easily last another 16 years.