Monday, March 20, 2017

Lunch & Goodbye

As a superintendent it is always rewarding to watch your staff work hard and try to achieve the same vision you have for improving the golf course.  For the last several months I have watched our crew cut down trees, dig ditches, chip limbs, replace sod, install and level irrigation heads, renovate equipment, and clean the shop, all with the greatest enthusiasm.  Additionally the staff is always coming up with ways to improve how we do things so that the vision of improving the golf course is realized.
Enjoying lunch together in Highlands
Last week, as a small thank you to the staff, we took an extended break and went into town to sit down and have lunch together.  It turned out to be better than anticipated as we did not talk much about work but more about each other and our various experiences.  With the crew coming from the USA, Mexico, Vietnam, and the Ukraine, we had a lot to share.  While lunch only last about an hour and a half, the experience allowed us to relax and to grow as a team.
Dinh, Fred, & Ba
Last week also marked the departure of two of our Vietnamese international students, Ba & Dinh.  Ba & Dinh will be greatly missed as their enthusiasm, dedication, and willing to learn made them exemplary staff members.  I know I speak for the whole staff in wishing them the best in their future endeavors.
"Peace" from Dinh & Ba