Monday, March 27, 2017

#9 Fairway Drainage

As we continue to repair "bird baths" and level areas throughout the fairways we have hit a bit of a snag on #9 fairway.  While our original intent was to simply level several areas of the fairway, it quickly became apparent that a more thorough project was necessary.  The leveling would have corrected the surface drainage but it would have done little to correct the saturated soils.  Since the area that we are working on is the main exit point of the fairway we have decided to go all in with a large drainage project.

Fixing a "bird bath"

Areas to be leveled.
Our goal now is to install TurfDrain and to position several catch basins to collect surface water.  In order to do this we have to excavate several hundred feet at a depth of 4 feet.  We will then add the appropriate pipe and basins and then fill the entire trench with sand.  The sand will then be compacted after which we will install sod.

Removing sod for drain lines.

Digging a trench to 4 feet deep will provide for excellent drainage.
While this is a much larger project than originally envisioned, it is a long term solution that will pay off for years to come.