Monday, February 2, 2015

HFCC Community Service Project

Each year the HFCC maintenance staff perform some form of community service.  Past projects have included clearing land for a community park, cutting and splitting firewood for the needy, planting trees throughout the town, clearing land for the animal shelter, and many others.  Our newest project is actually an extension of another project and continues to demonstrate Highlands Falls commitment to the community and the environment.
Constructing Nesting Boxes
Constructing Nesting Boxes
Earlier this year we began a cavity nesting experiment with the Highlands Plateau Audubon Society.  This project has turned out to be very popular throughout the community as the HPAS ran out of nesting boxes.  Not to worry, the HFCC maintenance staff has come to the rescue and built 50 nesting boxes so that the project can continue to grow.
50 Nesting boxes ready for the outdoors.
The boxes will be placed throughout Highlands with the intent of attracting native bird species such as the Eastern Bluebird and Carolina Chikadee.