Friday, January 23, 2015

Projects Update

The winter weather has been kind to us this year.  While it is raining today, the majority of January has provided acceptable weather for working outside. 

We are nearly complete with the new rock wall at #18 tee.  I must say that I wish we had done this project sooner as it looks spectacular!  After we finish #18 tee, we will be doing some rock work behind #2 green and on #7 and #19 tees.
Rock wall #18 tee.

#18 tee.
In addition to rock work, the staff has been busy with installing drainage.  We have completed the drainage projects on #19 and the clubhouse and have begun a large project on #13.  Not only are we installing the "turfdrain" system on #13, but also leveling a large area of the rough and fairway.  This includes removing the sod, adding soil, and preparing a smooth grade before we install drainage and relay the sod. 
Installing turfdrain on #13.

Cleaning out a drainage trench.

Removing trench spoils the turfdrain way.