Friday, November 22, 2013

Project Update for the Week of Thanksgiving

Many of you will be up next week for the Thanksgiving Holiday and I want you to know what to expect on the golf course.  Weather providing, we will prep the course as best we can for play.   That means we will mow greens and change cups.  However, there are many projects going on that might limit your play.
Replacing the cross tie steps at the Driving Range with stone steps
We are very busy with replacing the cross tie wall at the gazebo on #15 with boulders.  This is a slow project since we have to work around the gazebo and not damage it.  We also have to place each rock in place by hand.  Additionally we will be building a new parking area and adding new stone steps.  Finally, we will finish it off with new landscaping.
BEFORE - cross tie wall at the gazebo
DURING - boulder wall at the gazebo
Steps and parking area at the gazebo will be replaced with stone
Another project that could limit some play is the dredging of the lakes.  At this time we have finished dredging the lake on #9 and #5.  We will be moving on to #11 and the small pond behind the tennis courts next week.  While the dredging is going relatively quickly, it will take us some time to remove the material that has been taken out of the lakes.  Some of the material will be used for projects while some of it will be hauled away.  Once the material has been relocated, we will re-grade the areas and then put down sod.
Sediment build-up in #5 lake
Sediment removal from #5 lake
Because of rain this week, we have had to stop working on the drainage on hole #2.  We will continue once it is dry enough to work effectively.  The crew that was on #2 has started to take down dead trees throughout the course.  Yes, we have taken down the dead hemlock on #16.  We will split the wood from the trees we take down and use it heat our shop in the winter.
Taking down large dead hemlock on #16
Cutting up dead tree