Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Drainage Update

As most of you know, we started working on hole #2 before we closed in October.  The drainage work we are doing on #2 is actually a continuation of the work we did on hole #6 last year using the Turfdrain system.  Turfdrain worked so well on hole #6 that we will be using it throughout the course in the future.  
HFCC crew trenching 4' deep
Drain lines installed and awaiting additional sand
In addition to installing drainage on #2, we are also leveling the fairway.  Over the years, the fairway has become exceptionally un-level. To remedy this problem, we plan on stripping approximately 80% of the fairway so that we can smooth out the "humps and bumps".  When we finish this project sometime in December (weather permitting), the fairway will be smooth, dry and ready for play.
Smoothing out the first quarter of #2 fairway
Cutting and filling in depressions on #2 fairway

By doing both the drainage and leveling of the fairway at the same time, we create greater efficiencies than by doing each project separately.  Additionally we end up with a much better hole than if we did one and not the other.
Adding sand in a drain line