Monday, December 2, 2013

Lake Dredging Update 12/2/13

We have finished dredging silt from the lakes on #9 and #5.  We have now moved on to what is joint project between the Club, the HOA, and the Chestnut Cove HOA.  Over the years the pond between the tennis courts, Chestnut Cove, and #11 has lost approximately half of its surface area due to excessive silt.  We have begun dredging this pond and have already removed as much silt as we did on #9 and still have at least that much more to remove.
Removed silt material will be used for the turf nursery on #11
When we finish the dredging, we will re-grade the area and then seed it with a bluegrass/fescue mix.  Even with all the disturbance, the pond already looks much better.  In the end, the pond and the area around it will be something everyone will be proud of.
Silt removal at Chestnut Cove