Friday, April 12, 2013

Leveling the Croquet Courts

  Its almost time for croquet and we are hard at work preparing the courts for this season.  Since the courts were built using fill dirt, there was some settling expected during the first year.  One area had settled 1.5 inches.  While that does not sound like much, it really shows up on an otherwise level court.  My staff has removed the sod in this particular area and used a laser to level it.  The sod is back down now and will take a few weeks to root in.  Barring any unforeseen problems, the courts will be ready when the Club opens on May 1st.  Here are a few pictures of the work on the courts.

Removing sod on the croquet courts.

Rolling up sod.

Adding mix to raise the courts.

After leveling the court, reinstalling the sod.