Friday, April 12, 2013

#5 Fairway Drain Pipe Project

One of the problems with an older course is construction materials used 30+ years ago do not meet the construction standards used today.  Case in point, the corrugated steel drain pipe used throughout the course.  Today, courses use either concrete or plastic drain pipes throughout as they have a near unlimited life expectancy.

Discarded steel drain pipe.
Steel drain pipe completely rusted through.
While steel pipe is relatively inexpensive, it also has a relatively short life span in the mountains.  With the acidic soils found in Highlands, the steel corrodes and deteriorates quickly.  Replacing these pipes has been an ongoing project for some time and is part of the current 5-year improvement plan.

New HDPE drain pipe being installed under #5 fairway.
We are currently in the process of replacing a large drain pipe on #5 fairway.  This pipe had several sections completely rusted away, while the bottom of the entire pipe had corroded through.  We are replacing the steel pipe with double walled HDPE (plastic) pipe which has an expected life span of over 100 years.  This project should be completed within about 2 weeks.

Sometimes the install is slowed to avoid other infrastructure such as irrigation lines and power wires.