Thursday, April 25, 2013

Its Fish Time!

     Every year in late Winter through early Spring, I get calls and emails from all the fishermen at HFCC wondering when, where, and how many fish I'm stocking this year.  I am happy to say that we have just finished stocking the lakes for the upcoming season.

Stocking at #18 bridge.
    We had hoped to stock the lakes with a hybrid trout called a Tiger trout.  However the hatchery informed me that none of the fry made it past a couple months.  Hopefully next year they will have more luck, and we can try again.
Brown Trout
    Even though we could not stock the lakes with the Tiger, we did stock them with a combination of about 75% Rainbow and 25% Brown trout.  While we had no trouble getting Rainbows, Browns are harder to get so we bought all the Brown trout that the hatchery had.  We were lucky to get what we did since few hatcheries raise Browns because they grow much slower than the Rainbows.

Rainbow Trout
    This year is one of the largest fish orders we have had in some time.  With the lakes now stocked with some good sized trout, I expect this years fly fishing to be exceptional.