Friday, April 5, 2013

Pre-emergent application time

  Despite the poor weather we have had this Winter and Spring, we continue to move forward preparing the course for opening day on May 1st.  Rain has been the dominant weather pattern this Spring and has delayed the bunker renovation by at least a week.  At this point we are scheduled to spray the renovated bunkers on Monday providing it does not rain between now and then.

We have also begun to apply pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer to the entire golf course.  Pre-emergence herbicides are meant to be applied prior to weeds emerging in Spring. The benefits of pre-emergence herbicide applications go beyond getting a head start on weed control. While the management practice improves overall aesthetics, it more importantly promotes healthy, dense turf.  When the turf does not have to compete against weeds, it grows thicker and more substantial.

Applying pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer
Pre-emergent applications put down a microscopic layer on the soil that prevents seeds from germinating, including crabgrass and dandelions.  Most pre-emergent herbicides will also keep grass seed from germinating.  Do not put down grass seed if you plan on pre-emerging your yard for weeds.