Friday, March 1, 2013

Equipment Refurbishment

  As I have stated in the past, part of what we do in the winter is repairing and refurbishing equipment.  With the cost of golf course equipment regularly exceeding that of a luxury car, making our equipment last as long as possible is very crucial.  I feel that you as members should know what the equipment costs and what we do to protect that investment. 

  The first set of pictures is that of a vertical mower called a SISIS Veemo.  Instead of cutting the turf in a horizontal manner like our regular mowers do, the Veemo cuts vertically with the intention of cutting the roots.  This stimulates the plant to grow and spread providing a nice tight turf stand.   Our Veemo is better than 20 years old and was in desperate need of being refurbished.  With new hydraulic motors, hoses and paint, our investment for refurbishment was less than 4k.  Finished, it works and looks just like a new one.

Before - Veemo being dismantled
Before - Veemo reels being dismantled
After - Veemo reels being put back together
After - The finished Veemo

  Another project we have worked on this winter is the refurbishment of our Gill Pulverizer.  The pulverizer is used for loosening the soil while grading.  We use this piece extensively in the winter when we level fairways.  While not an expensive piece of equipment (about 3k new), it needed refurbishment due to excessive rust, worn teeth and seized bearings. 
Before - Gill Pulverizer
Installing new teeth and bearings.
After - Completed Gill Pulverizer