Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update #15

After much excavating and clean-up, we found the source for the wall collapse to be a very active spring.  The water from the spring built up behind the wall creating extremely heavy soils, making the foundation unstable.  It only took one boulder to slide out of place for the rest to follow.  Since the boulders for the wall were much larger than we could handle with our equipment, we hired Mountain Hardscapes of Highlands to rebuild the wall.  They have a lot of experience building boulder walls and working in tight spaces which made them best suited for this project.
Excavating to the base of the wall.
Installing the drainage system.
Adding fill dirt behind the wall.
It has taken a solid week to rebuild the wall.  In an effort to keep this from happening again, we installed a substantial drainage system behind the wall.  While the wall is back up and fill dirt is in place, the project is only partially complete.  In the coming months, we will still need to install the irrigation and landscaping along with laying new asphalt to the cart path.
View during construction from #14 green.
View from the top of the completed wall.
View from #14 green of the completed wall.