Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Equipment Renovation Begins

Sometimes during the season we don't always have time to do a complete repair of a piece of equipment or the equipment just gets worn out.  So when the off-season starts, we start to tear down some of our equipment.  With the average age of most of our equipment greater than 8 year old, good maintenance is a must.
HFCC equipment tech, Loren Sterling adjusting new engine for blower
Our goal in maintaining our fleet of equipment is first, to keep it operating properly.  This includes making sure there are no hydraulic leaks, all safety and electrical systems are working, and making sure that everything can be adjusted properly.  Secondly, we want the equipment to be visually appealing.  We make sure that all the equipment is washed regularly so that it easier to maintain and keeps corrosion at bay.

Completely rebuilt blower - New $12,000  Rebuilt $2000
Over time leaks do happen and paint fades and chips away.  When this happens and its fiscally beneficial, we bring the equipment in and totally renovate it.  Sometimes this includes putting a new engine on a machine but it always includes new hydraulic hoses, seals, paint, and whatever else it needs to bring it to as new condition as possible.
This type of maintenance helps our equipment last longer than at most other clubs.  With the cost of golf course maintenance equipment getting higher each year (and I mean higher), it is prudent of us to take care of our equipment and make it last as long as possible.