Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Smoothing the Fairway on #8

Leveling fairways is part of the new 5 year improvement plan here at HFCC.  We have begun this project at the beginning of #8 fairway.  This area was dotted with many potholes and poor surface drainage making it both difficult to mow and drive a golf cart.
To remedy this problem, we have removed a large portion of the turf by hand.  All of this sod was lifted and stacked to the side of the fairway.  After that we brought in our grading equipment and started to remove the high spots and fill in the low areas.  Additionally, we reshaped the surface so that the natural drainage would work more properly.  When we are done with the shaping, we will put all the old sod back down. 
While this is a major project, it is aimed at improving the drainage and the playability of the course.  When we finish with this area, we are going to do the same type of work on the entire fairway and rough along #8 lake.  There are many low areas that hold water and the surface is VERY unlevel.  In addition to this work, we will install over a 1200' of subsurface drainage.