Friday, December 7, 2012

Fairway leveling continues on #8

The fairway leveling on #8 continues!  Despite some lousy weather today the maintenance staff continues to lay sod in an attempt to get all of the disturbed area covered with grass before the weekend.

Grading #8 fairway and rough along the lake.
Original fairway sod being put back down
Hand smoothing the fairway for sod

At first glance this project may seem like a lot of work for little gain.  However its easy to forget just how bad some areas are after the season is over.  The areas on #8 are especially bad.  Besides having poor drainage, these areas are particularly unlevel making it both difficult to ride on but also difficult to maintain.
Believe it or not, there are areas that you see in the pictures that we raised with over a foot of dirt!  So long as the weather holds, we will continue to level the left side of #8 fairway towards the green.