Monday, February 20, 2017

Drainage, Rock, & Stumps

What was suppose to be a simple drain pipe install on hole #4 has turned into a major project.  It shouldn't come as any surprise though as rock is everywhere at HFCC.  While digging a trench for 100' of drain pipe, we have dug up boulders and stumps.

Left side of #4 fairway looking back at the tee.
Left side of #4 fairway looking towards the green.
Unfortunately for us there is very little fall available for the drainage, which means that any rocks, boulders, or stumps that cannot be removed must be be either jack hammered out or cut out with a chainsaw.  What was hoped to be a 2-3 day project is now going to be a week long one.  However, it is better that we take the time to do it right than to do poor job that will only need to be redone.

Wilfredo Cruz loves using the jackhammer so much he won't let anyone else use it!  Notice the boulders and stumps in the trench.
Hammered rock.
The project is being done to unify all the drain lines on the hole into one drain pipe.  This will alleviate any extra water that my drain onto neighbors of the club.