Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Glimpse of the Past

This past week I have been going through the many floppy disks I have and transferring all the pictures they contain to a more modern digital format.  As an early adopter of digital photography, I took a lot photographs of the many projects that have been completed at HFCC.  Viewing these pictures brings back a lot of memories and really makes me appreciate how far the club and myself have come in the 16 years that I have been the golf course superintendent.

#1 green renovation, November 2002.
#1 lake standpipe replacement, April 2003.
#1 green today.
After my first year at HFCC, it quickly became apparent that there were a couple of systemic problems throughout the course.  One was the irrigation system was VERY inadequate and poorly maintained, and the other was that several greens were poorly constructed.  Fortunately, all of these problems have been corrected.

#10 green renovation, November 2002.
Large tree trunk dug out from under the old #10 green.
#10 today.
Irrigation installation on hole #4, November 2000.
Hole #4 today.
In addition to changes on the golf course, the maintenance facility has undergone a transformation through the years.  Originally, a large portion of the equipment was stored outside, today almost all of the equipment is under roof.  In 1998, the staff break room, locker room, and Superintendents office was one small room.  Today we an addition to the main building that houses complete facilities for the staff and professional office space for the Superintendent and Assistants.

Maintenance facility staff offices in 2002.
Maintenance facility before improvements.
Maintenance facility entrance today.