Monday, January 5, 2015

Cavity Nesting Bird Research

Highlands Falls Country Club is partnering with the Highlands Plateau Audubon Society on a community wide experiment to determine if offering identical bird boxes but with larger and smaller diameter entrance holes, may increase nesting success for native bird species in our area.
HFCC staff installing a bird box.

HFCC partnering with HPAS on bird research.

Close-up of a bird box.
Seven pairs of boxes have been placed throughout the course and will be monitored throughout the year to see which size entrance hole will be more successful.  Results will be shared with the NC Audubon Society.  Some cavity nesting birds that we hope to attract are the Eastern Bluebird, Carolina Chikadee, Tree Swallow, and Carolina Wren.
Carolina Wren

Tree Swallow
Since the ecology and environment at HFCC is just as important to the beauty of the golf course as perfectly mown grass, this project will only enhance the allure of the property.