Friday, December 5, 2014

HFCC Maintenance Shop Improvements

It is often said that one can judge the condition of a golf course by observing the condition of the maintenance facility.  While our maintenance facility is old, it is neat and organized and provides everything necessary to conduct the business of golf course maintenance.  However, it was in need of several upgrades that would improve efficiency and continue to protect the facility and the equipment inside.

The first and most important improvement was the installation of a new roof.  The old roof was rusty and leaked in many areas which also caused mold to form on the insulation.  The old roof and insulation was removed and a new "40-year" metal roof was installed.  After the installation was finished, spray foam insulation was applied to the inside.  The final part of this project was the painting of the ceiling with a fire retardant paint.  I am happy to report that after several rains and cold weather, that the new roof has performed flawlessly and the shop is much warmer now.

Removing the old roof and insulation.
New roof installation.

Foam insulation being applied to the roof.
The second major project for the maintenance facility was the repaving of the facility.  All of the old asphalt was pulled up and hauled away.  The contractor next brought in a gravel base and graded the parking lot and the staging areas so that water would flow to designated areas.  Lastly, the entire area was paved with heavy duty pavement that can withstand the weight of the many delivery trucks that frequent the facility.  The new pavement will make it easier to keep the shop clean while also reducing damage to equipment caused by broken pavement.

Removing old asphalt.

Installing a new drain

Grading the sub-grade prior to asphalt.

Laying asphalt around the wash area.
With the new pavement around the facility, we felt it was time to improve the aesthetics of the building.  We are currently in the process of constructing a new entrance to the offices, installing landscape beds and rock curbs, relocating attached equipment to improve efficiency, and installing additional drainage and conduits for future improvements.  When finished, the HFCC maintenance facility will be one that every member will be proud of.

Installing rock curbing around a future landscape bed.

Beginnings of the new entrance to the maintenance facility.

Rock curbing.