Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Projects Update 1/17/14

Even with some unbelievably cold weather (-6 degrees last week), we have been able to make progress with our winter projects.  Because of the cold weather we have had time to work inside and do some much needed maintenance to the inside of the shop.  With a leaky ceiling, the roof and walls had become stained and were in much need of painting.  The crew spent a day washing the walls and then the next few days painting the walls.  Following the walls, they painted the ceiling and the beams.  While this will not fix the leaks (that will be addressed at another time), it has made the shop brighter and cleaner.
Dirt and stains can be seen on the walls of the maintenance facility.
The HFCC staff painting the inside of the maintenance facility.
Newly painted ceiling.

In addition to painting the inside of the maintenance building, the staff has been busy refurbishing some of our older equipment. 
Cushman trickster being taken apart and inspected.
With the cold temperatures easing somewhat this week, we have been able to get back to work with some of the course improvement projects.  We are back at dredging the lakes and are now working on #17.  This area had more silt than any other lake on the course and has taken the better part of a week to clean.  Following #17, we will go to #10 to do a small area in front of the green.
Dredging #17 lake.
Dredging the lake on #17
In addition to the dredging, we are adding a small boulder wall to the back of #2 tee along the cart path.  This will help us maintain the landscape bed behind the tee but more importantly, it will improve the aesthetics of the tee complex.
Excavating for the boulder wall on #2 tee.
Boulder wall on #2 tee.
Lastly, we have been busy taking down dead trees throughout the course.  All of the trees will be cut and split into firewood and used to heat the maintenance facility during the winter.
Rotted trees taken out at #1 tee.

Splitting firewood to heat the maintenance building.