Monday, October 30, 2017

Pump Replacement

  Every piece of equipment needs replaced at some point no matter how well you take care of it.  Such was the case with the main pump station.  After nearly 19 years of trouble free service, it was finally to the point of needing replacement.  The pump shafts were bowed and the impellers were worn and no longer efficient.  Additionally, the computer that runs the station was not running the pumps properly anymore.  We solicited several bids to replace the pumps and the computer and eventually contracted with the company that originally installed the station. 
The roof at the pump station being prepped for removal.

Roof removal.

Old pump being removed.
  While overly simplified, we replaced the two main pumps, two 60hp electric motors, and the computer system that runs the pumps.  Technicians first replaced the computer and display which actually took two days.  In order to replace the pumps, a crane had to first remove the roof of the pump house and then remove each pump and motor.  Next, the new pumps, motors, and roof were installed in the same manner as the removal only in reverse.   After the crane left, the technicians made all the necessary mechanical and electrical connections.  Lastly, the pumps were run to fine tune their operation.
One pump removed.

The new pumps and motors waiting to be lifted into place.
   Every year we have preventative maintenance performed by professional pump technicians on all three of our pump stations.  We are regularly told that we have some of the best maintained pump stations that they see.  With continued care and maintenance, I expect our new pumps to last as long as the old ones did.