Friday, July 7, 2017

Bug Spray Disease

  We are in the busiest part of our season and several of our greens in addition to the croquet lawn have come down with a bad case of "Bug Spray Disease".  Once this disease occurs there is very little we can do to help the turf, it may live or it may die but only time will tell.  There is no cure other than prevention!
"Bug Spray Disease" is easily identified by the footprints. 

A large "diseased" area on the croquet lawn.

  All kidding aside, "Bug Spray Disease" is caused when you apply bug repellents and sunscreen to your legs when standing on turf.  It is especially damaging on low mowed turf such as the greens and the croquet lawn.  The alcohol and propellants in the sprays in addition to products containing DEET, are very damaging to the turf and injury is caused immediately.  Depending on the conditions and the amount of over spray, the turf may recover in 1-4 weeks.  In extreme cases though, the turf will die and the area will have to be seeded or sodded.

The DEET in many bug sprays is known to cause damage to turf.
The 19th green.

Close-up of the croquet lawn.

  Please be aware that bug sprays and sunscreen sprays are very damaging to the turf.  The simple solution to this "disease" is prevention and to spray these products in the parking lot, on the cart path, or any other non-turf surface where the over spray will not contact the grass.  Please help us care for your course and tell a friend about the dreaded "Bug Spray Disease".