Monday, June 6, 2016

The Ponds Are Repaired

As everyone has seen, the lake on #8/#9 was drained during the better part of May to replace a rusted “overflow” structure.  I am happy to report that the new structure was successfully installed a few weeks ago and the lake is now full.  In addition to replacing the "overflow" structure, we repaired the rock wall around #9 tee that collapsed while the lake was down and installed 5 pallets of sod to the area of disturbance.
#1  After discovering a problem with the "overflow" structure, the lake was lowered.
#2  A concrete block had to be removed before the "overflow" structure could be taken out.
#3  After removing the "overflow" structure, it was clear why the lake was leaking.
#4  A coffer dam had to be installed so that workers could work on installation of the new "overflow" structure.
#5  The existing drain pipe had to be cleaned before being joined with the "overflow" structure.
#6  The "overflow" structure consists of a stand pipe, drain pipe, and drain valve all covered in tar.
#7  The structure was carefully fitted and lowered into place.
#8  Concrete was poured around the coupler to both seal the joint and to keep the structure from floating.
#9  The "overflow" structure as seen from the surface.  A trash screen has yet to be installed.
#10  Success.
Next we have the issue of the pond on #1 being drained.  Again, this was a problem with the "overflow" pipe.  However, this was a case of poor installation from a contractor for the HOA who hastily installed the pipe while replacing culverts throughout the property.  The good news is that they recognized the issue and have repaired the pipe.  Our staff added several yards of concrete to make sure the pipe stays in place.  We have just recently filled the pond back up and everything is back to normal.
#1 pond in all its glory.
While none of us likes to have major problems happen as the season starts, sometimes its just out of our control.  We just take a moment and develop a solid plan to correct the problem and move on. While the repairs to the ponds took a little longer than anticipated, the repairs are solid and good for many more years which in the end is better than a quick fix.