Friday, March 4, 2016

#12 Drainage Update 3/4/16

With this being one of the wettest winters in memory, our winter drainage projects have gone slower than hoped.  While we were able to replace the large culverts under the fairway on #12 in November, installing the Turfdrain has not gone as planned.  Of about 25 lines of drainage that need to be installed, only about 8 have been installed as of today.  While we are hoping for improved weather, we are currently being delayed by about 4 inches of snow.
Trenching 4 feet deep.

#12 is a wet fairway that is in desperate need of good drainage.

In addition to poor weather, an excessive amount of rock has slowed the drainage project.  While we expect some rock (it is the mountains), we are hitting rock in unfortunate locations causing us to either dig a new trench or jack hammer through it. 
Plastic mats are used to haul the trench material away.

Even though the trencher removes most of the dirt, hand work is still necessary.

Even though we are behind schedule, I do believe there is enough time for us to make a huge impact on the quality of the 12th fairway.