Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Yes It Does Flood in the Mountains

When it rains it pours and boy is it raining!  We have received over 4 inches in 8 hours and the course is flooded in many areas with more rain to come.  While this much rain is normal for this area, the conditions which are causing the flooding are not.  With the ground frozen, the rain cannot be absorbed into the soil and thus it just flows across the surface collecting in the streams and ponds throughout the course.  However, there is so much water that the drain pipes and even the bridges cannot handle the deluge and the water just backs up and causes the flooding.  Here are some pictures of todays adventure around the course.
Left of #16 green complex

#16 Fairway

#15 green
The Cullasaja river to the left of #15 green

#14 fairway