Friday, August 28, 2015

Divot Party a Success!

I want to thank everyone who came out for our first divot party.  We had over 80 participants which helped make quick work of filling divots throughout the course.  A special thanks also to the Ladies Golf Association who put in the extra effort to make this event a success.
Fred giving instructions on how to repair ball marks and how to properly fix a divot

Filling divots

Enjoying a good time caring for the course

Sometimes it takes a team effort
I certainly hope that everyone has a renewed appreciation for basic golf etiquette.  During the hour of filling divots, over 10,000 divots were filled and 2 tons of sand were used.  Remember to continue to fix your divots and repair your ball marks while you are playing golf.  Other than being the right thing to do, it saves the club over $15,000 in labor per year!

Bodel loves a camera

Chris helping fill sand bottles

Dick Chitty came prepared for any work we had for him

Josh thanks Rick T. for his help on the course

The staff discusses the days fun

A little rest after hard work

Divots everywhere