Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mid March Update

With the recent trend towards warmer temperatures, the grass has started to grow.  With that, we have removed all of the green covers and mowed the greens for the first time this year.  Even though we have begun mowing, it will be some time before the greens are in tournament condition.  Before the end of this month, we will aerify the greens and topdress them heavily with sand.  Only after we have finished aerfifying, can we begin to condition the greens for the season.
First mowing of greens in 2015
Notice the height difference between cut and uncut.
Mowing #7 green after the cover was removed.
Notice the difference from the turf that was covered and the turf that was not covered.
On another note, with good weather, we should finish the rock wall behind #2 green this week.  I am certain everyone will be pleased with the new look.  The staff always amazes me as they just keep getting better with their stone work.  As soon as we finish with #2, we will start a similar rock wall at #10 tee.
HFCC staff building the rock wall behind #2 green.
#2 rock nearly completed.
 Now that the weather has improved, we have begun to replace the large culvert that extends across #5 fairway.  While our staff is doing the detail work, Mountain Hardscapes is doing the heavy lifting, digging, removing the old pipe, and installing the new one.  I expect them to be competed sometime next week.
Sod removal on #5 fairway to make room for installing a new culvert.
#5 fairway before culvert installation.