Monday, September 15, 2014

Dividing Perennials

Even though its mid September, we are already preparing for some winter projects.  As you travel throughout the course, you will notice that the landscape beds are a little bare.  This is because we have begun to dig up all the perennials so that we may divide them and use them in other places throughout the course.  While our landscape beds are designed to be "low" maintenance, it does not mean they are "no" maintenance.  If left alone, the plants would get too large and would actually begin to thin out.  This is actually part of our normal maintenance program and is done every 5-7 years.
Removal of ornamental grasses at #2 green.
Ornamental grass clump that will be divided into 4 separate plants.
The reason for starting this now is so that it is easier for us to identify the plants after they are dug up.  After we clean out the beds, we will be reorganizing the plantings so that the landscaping looks its best for next season. 
#2 landscape bed after the perennials have been removed.