Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HFCC celebrates July 4th!

Despite nearly 6 inches of rain over the last few days, a greater power created just enough good weather (about 4 hours) for our crew to paint the American flag on the 17th fairway.  This has become a special tradition at HFCC and this year it was even more so.
Because of the rain, we had to blow the turf to get the paint to dry.
The crew painting one of the stripes.
Josh painting a star.
Finishing the last stripe.
BASF (one of turf chemical providers) is donating $100 to the Wounded Warrior Project for every photo of a Golf Course Superintendent in front of an American flag.  So to help do our part, we invited area Superintendents to come out and get their picture taken in front of our American flag.  I am happy to announce that we had 10 guys come out to get their picture taken, despite the rainy weather.
Local Superintendents in front of the flag.
I want to personally thank every person who has served this nation and helped make it the greatest place on earth.  Happy 4th!
A very beautiful sight!