Friday, January 18, 2013

New Tee Markers

There will be a slightly different look from the tees this year.  The G & G committee decided it was time to replace our old tee markers with new ones that would better reflect the image of HFCC.  While the old markers served us well, after about 12 years, they were getting hard to maintain as the aluminum face plates often broke.  After a lot of discussion and ideas, the committee chose to use an in-house design (sand blasted river rock) that I presented to them during the last G&G meeting.

Sand blasting the new markers.
The new markers fit in with natural surroundings while also being simple and elegant.  Best of all, they are unique to HFCC!  My staff is making the markers during the times that we cannot work outside.  We have a special "printer" that produces a rubber cover that we put over the rock.  This protects the portion of the rock that does not get sand blasted. These are custom markers that if purchased from a vendor would have cost over $9000.  Our investment which includes buying the equipment along with labor is less than $4000.

New markers after blasting and being prepared for painting.
Painting the markers.
The finished tee marker next to an old marker.
The markers are very quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.  This is especially helpful should one break or get lost.  In addition to the markers, we can make our own permanent markers for fairways or tees, and make our own signs out of granite.