Friday, January 11, 2013

Course Update

Happy New Year to all! We have been back in action for a week now and have wasted no time in working on our winter projects. First, we have received our drainage plan from Turf Drain and I must say it is very thorough. I have ordered the materials for the work we will be doing for the remainder of this winter. While we wait for the material, we have been working on other projects.

New Case 460 trencher being serviced at HFCC
The new drainage plan call for us to dig trenches to a depth of four feet where we can. Our old trencher (actually a tractor attachment) could only dig to a depth of two feet and at that depth it struggled. As a result, we had to purchase a new trencher (actually a nice used one). This was paid for not from the capital or operating funds, but from the sale of some of our older equipment. Because we were able to act quickly, we got a trencher that should have cost at least $15,000 for only $6500. In the world of equipment, that's one heck of a bargain! At this time, our staff is cleaning and servicing the machine to get it ready for the drainage projects.

We have also begun a few bunker renovations. We are starting on hole number three as the fabric liners that separate the gravel (for drainage) from the sand has ripped and gravel has migrated into the bunker sand. We are using the old sand from the bunkers to topdress wet areas throughout the course.

Utility vehicle getting new brakes and annual service
Other non glamorous projects going on right now include, dead tree removal, brush cleanup, and cleaning landscape beds.  When it has been raining, we have been servicing equipment, doing building maintenance, and splitting firewood.