Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Much Needed Storage

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  Such was the case this Monday and Tuesday when we received all day rain making it impossible to do the grading work that we are doing on #8.  The rainy days provided us with the opportunity to do some in-house cleaning and organizing.
Installing industrial shelving

As with all golf courses, some of the equipment is used only during short periods of the year.  The rest of the time the equipment sits and takes up a LOT of floor space.  In addition to sitting on the ground, it gets in the way and many times accidentally gets bumped, hit, dented, and also damaged.  To alleviate this problem, we purchased some used warehouse shelving to store the equipment out of the way.
Equipment organized and safely stored

 We built specialized pallets to latch the equipment to and make it easier to lift onto the shelves.  With the pallet forks on the front end loader, the equipment is easily brought down or put away.   We now have much more floor space and the equipment is safely stored out of the way.  Storing the equipment this way has been planned for some time but only now did we have the time to follow through with it.  This project is part of a larger plan of improving the maintenance facility to make it safer and more efficient.