Friday, December 14, 2012

Master Drainage Plan

Sometimes great opportunities happen by chance.  Such was the case 2 weeks ago when I got an unscheduled visit by one of the turf industries foremost drainage experts, Dennis Hurley of Turf Drainage Company.  While we have been successful with our drainage projects to date, this was an opportunity to see if there was a better way of draining the course.
Drainage pump - allows you to drain up hill

Without getting into soil physics, my meeting with Dennis convinced me that there is a better way to drain the golf course.  After consulting with Dwight Bradley G&G chairman, we hired Dennis to do a master drainage plan for the entire golf course.  Dennis came out this Wednesday and we have spent the last 3 days mapping the course for future drainage.

Dennis (in green) evaluating #11 fwy
We will have a master drainage plan the first week of January.  At this point we will decide where we will  start with Turf Drainage's system.  One of the systems advantages over traditional drainage is that we can drain water up hill.  This is especially helpful on our course were we frequently hit rock. 

Since drainage was one of the major projects for the current 5-year plan, this was an ideal time and opportunity to evaluate our drainage program.  I will post future updates when we begin to install the new drains.